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                      2005 - 2006 Creating the Alexandra Kazickas Lithuanian School

     As the number of Lithuanian youth was growing on the East End of Long Islad, NY, in spring of 2005 a group of mothers – Birute Lauzadiene, Violeta Naskauskiene and Neila Baumiliene decided to find out how many Lithuanian families would be interested in sending their children to school, what day of the week-end they would prefer and would there be any volunteers in helping to create it. Answers to the inquiry letter were received within a week – thirty students were signed up. Saturday was picked as the preferred day and parents promised their help. According to the demographics of the Lithuanian population on the East End of Long Island, the decision was made to establish the School in Riverhead.

     The Second wave of Immigrants – Mr. Juozas Giedraitis, Mrs. Dalile Polikaitis, Mrs. Elona Vaisnys and Ms. Margarita Bareika gave a lot of advice. The Lithuanian Community started forming, thanks to Mrs. Neila Baumiliene’s initiative and a big help from Father Vytautas Gedvainis from Putnam, CT, as well as Monsignor Edmond Putrimas (Lithuanian Bishops’ Conference Delegate for the Apostolate of Lithuanian Catholics Living Abroad) from Canada, when Lithuanian Priests acquired permission to come to St. John the Evangelist Roman Church in Riverhead to celebrate Masses in Lithuanian on a bi-monthly basis. After Masses, weather permitting, Lithuanians gathered at a picnic where the opportunity to know each other expanded.

     In spring of 2006, five mothers, Mrs. Jolanta Vilcinskiene, Mrs. Daiva Matoniene, Mrs. Renata Petrauskiene, Mrs. Gitana Albinson and Mrs. Neila Baumiliene participated in a Lithuanian School Conference of the East Coast of the USA which took place in Maironis Lithuanian Saturday School in Maspeth, NY with the intention of seeing how these schools operate.

     The school creating process was well accelerated as Mrs. Gitana Albinson joined in actively. She contacted other existing Lithuanian Schools in the USA, got much needed information and documentation and found a place to rent on the premises of Grace Episcopal Church in Riverhead. Later on, she found a Liability Insurance Carrier and opened a bank account. Meanwhile, Mrs. Neila Baumiliene was involved in further organizing the Lithuanian community and coordinating the dates for gatherings and events. She focused on getting the parents of school age children together. Having learned from the School Conference that school finances are tight, her mission became to create “a near private school” with better funding. This would free teachers and the administration from a constant lookout for funds and give them the much needed time to focus on students – finding ways and methods to educate. The decision was made to contact Lithuanian businessman and philanthropist Dr. Joseph P. Kazickas and his wife Mrs. Alexsandra Kazickas who lived in the area.

     On September 10,2006, seven parents as Lithuanian Community representatives visited with Mr. & Mrs. J. P. Kazickas where they were warmly accepted and assured of the Kazickas Family Foundation support.

     The following week flyers were sent out to come to a meeting right after the Lithuanian Mass on September 17,2006. It was called with the purpose to establish a Lithuanian Saturday School. Over thirty parents attended. They checked out the grounds of the future school and actively participated in all the discussions. The Kazickas family for many years has been sharing their love, wisdom and wealth with Lithuanians in Lithuania and around the world. The Kazickas Family Foundation was known for supporting Education of Lithuanians. During the meeting, the parents voted to name the school after Aleksandra Kazickas honoring her devotion and love to her family, thus contributing to the fame and success of her husband. In the meeting the following decisions were made: the principal of the school was named to be Neila Baumiliene, the accountant – Gitana Albinson, the monitor/janitor – Martina Ulskiene, the head of the parent committee – Renata Cheshire. The teachers were to be – Lithuanian language teachers - Renata Petrauskiene and Ramune Kurbanoviene, history teacher – Algirdas Vysniauskas, geography teacher –Jolanta Vilcinskiene, music teacher – Vilma Bendarinaite. All of the above, hold higher education diplomas from Lithuania. It was agreed to start the school year with the Opening Ceremony on October 7th 2006, and hold classes on thirty one Saturdays and end the school year on June 16,2007.

     On October 7th 2006, Grace Episcopal Church witnessed the opening of the Lithuanian Saturday School. One hundred Lithuanians gathered to celebrate the First School Year of the First Lithuanian Saturday School on the East End of Long Island. Among the third wave of immigrants who have lived here for a little over a decade, the presence of 96 year old Joseph Giedraitis, Fred Lucka (84),Angela Minsovitch (87), Genevieve Thomas (80) all well known in the Lithuanian community for their active involvement in the Knights of Lithuania, as well as most honorable sponsors Mrs. Alexandra & Dr. Josepth P. Kazickas showed the unity of all Lithuanians living in the area for the great purpose – to keep Lithuania living in the future generation of immigrants.

     Alexandra Kazickas Lithuanian School (AKLS) was located on the premises of Grace Episcopal Church in Riverhead for five years. In fall of 2011, AKLS outgrew the space, and found a new home at the Our Redeemer Lutheran Church and School in Aquebogue, NY.