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                      2006-2007 School Year at Alexandra Kazickas Lithuanian School

     In May 2007, during the First School year Closing Ceremony at A. Kazickas Lithuanian School, 29 students received School Certificates. Over the past year, first graders learned to read and write in Lithuanian and became acquainted with Lithuanian history and geography. Older students learned the Lithuanian language, literature, history and geography. The little ones started to recognize letters, played and sang. The school was open for thirty Saturdays consisting of four academic hours (45 minutes each) as well as extra curricular classes for arts, music and etiquette for ten Saturdays. Over the past year the School hosted events with community members being invited to celebrate the School opening, Christmas Eve, Earth Day – Art Weekend, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day - School Year Closing. Students celebrated Lithuanian holidays: February 16, March 11, Mardi Gras and Easter as well as Birthdays during regular School Saturdays.

     The School staff and administration members were: Lithuanian language and literature teacher- Renata Petrauskiene, elementary school curriculum teacher - Ramune Kurbanoviene, history teacher – Algirdas Vysniauskas, geography teacher –Jolanta  Vilcinskiene, music teacher – Vilma Bendarinaite, art teacher – Rasa Valiene, accountant – Gitana Albinson, monitor/custodian – Martina Ulskiene, the head of parent committee – Renata Cheshire, members of parent committee: Arunas Lauzadis, Linas Smoriginas, Haroldas Kurbanovas, Algis Vadeika. The principal of the school was Neila Baumiliene.

     During the closing ceremony marking the First school year, Dr. Giedre Kumpikas (Board chairwoman of the Lithuanian National Foundation), presented the School with a set of the Lithuanian Encyclopedia (36 books published in USA along with other valued books) as a gift from Dr. Aukse Trojanas in memory of her mother Dr. Julita Trojanas. The School was in contact with the Kazickas Family Foundation KFF (Vilnius Branch), Education Ministry of the Republic of Lithuania, Department of National Minorities and Lithuanians Living Abroad (TMID), Vilnius University Faculty of Lithuanian Language, World Lithuanian community and USA Lithuanian community Educational Councils. In Spring, the School sent “A List of Suggestions” to the Lithuanian Schools in the World Conference held by TMID in Vilnius, Lithuania. The paper was presented by KFF Vilnius Branch Director Mr. Z. Bedalis. During the First School Year, twelve articles on school activities were published in different American Lithuanian newspapers. Most activities of the School were financed by KFF. During the School Year, the Administration and Mrs. & Dr. Kazickas, as well as Ms. Jurate Kazickas, were in constant communication.

     Thanks to Father Vyt. Volertas, ten students were able to receive their First Holy Communion in Lithuanian: one group of students in September 2006, the second one in May 2007. Once a month, on Sundays after Lithuanian Mass in the adjacent St. John the Evangelist Parrish, the A. Kazickas Lithuanian School hosted coffee hours where two Lithuanian generations of immigrants were able to meet and mingle.

     The School hosted a couple of movie nights. Film producer Arvydas Barysas and cameraman Mantas Satkus as well as their assistant Ausra Gibieziene from Lithuania, presented two movies “The Amber Road” and “In Between Three Winds”(about Kursiai) One more movie night – Franciscan brother Gediminas Numgaudis and film producer Dalia Kancleryte presented a movie “Pakuta – My Love” about Pakutuvenai Convent in Lithuania. During Earth Day-Art Weekend students visited the Long House reserve in East Hampton. Rolandas Kiaulevicius and Gintaras Jocius – two guest artists conducted an art lesson for students and later had an art afternoon for the Lithuanian community.

     In the beginning of summer, fifty people came to Sisters of the Immaculate Conception Retreat in Putnam, CT. In summer, on Sundays there were Beach Volleyball matches in Tiana Beach, Hampton Bays, NY. In September, Lithuanians formed a team and played a friendly match against a Spanish team. Basketball and tennis weren’t forgotten either.

     The first school year showed that the School is beneficial to Lithuanian families with children, as well as a few hundred other local Lithuanians. The school is becoming a cultural center for Lithuanians of the East End of Long Island and it unites generations of Lithuanian immigrants.

    Neila Baumiliene
    Southampton, NY
    December 10, 2007