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        Grace Episcopal Church of Riverhead, NY and Lithuanian Community of Long Island

     In 2006 when the process of organizing Lithuanian Saturday School was well under way, after 30 local Lithuanian children had been registered as future students, a Lithuanian mother Gitana Albinson set out for the search of a location for the school. Though Riverhead had been already picked as the most suitable town for Lithuanians of Long Island, Gitana soon exhausted the list of possible renters: public, private school buildings and day care centers. Out of the list of local churches, Mother Mary Guard of Grace Episcopal church was the most understanding, welcoming and supportive to the dream of Lithuanian parents. Offering her help and patience, offering a choice of the Parrish buildings and grounds, Mother Mary made the opening of Alexandra Kazickas Lithuanian Saturday School* possible in October 2006. Just in time before the school sponsors Mrs. A. & Dr. J. Kazickas left the US, still in time to start count of 30 mandatory Saturdays of a school year.

     Over the five school years, Alexandra Kazickas Lituanian School will offer more than 500 academic hours of Lithuanian language, literature, history, geography, biology and music to almost 50 Lithuanian children of Long Island helping them and their families not only preserve their native tongue and culture but also, by knowing each other and mingling together, to adapt easier to the new life in America. A. Kazickas Lithuanian school on the grounds of Grace Episcopal Church will host about 50 events: celebrations, evenings, dances, fundraisers, concerts, art days etc. with an average participation of 100 Lithuanians per event.

     Mother Mary often brought a prayer and a blessing, a donation, a thought or an offer of help to many of celebrations. Her prayers guarded the children, families and staff as well as their endeavors. The grounds were safe and blessed, and appreciated by Lithuanian Community. Many of its members still remember 2007-2008 school year closing ceremony in June 2008. Over 150 people were laughing, singing, taking pictures and getting their awards and diplomas inside Grace Episcopal Church completely oblivious of the tornado like winds and rain passing over their heads, only to find branches and street signs scattered around in starting to dry up puddles after the ceremony ended…

     Grace Episcopal Church with A. Kazickas Lithuanian Saturday School served as a safe haven to about 500 Lithuanians of Long Island, as their cultural and informational center. Many Lithuanians believe there was a mutual benefit in the Lithuanian community and Grace Episcopal Church friendship, since the availability and openness of Grace Episcopal Church to Lithuanians helped the Lithuanians to come together, the Lithuanian children and the school academic staff provided Grace Episcopal Church and Parrish with a youthful and a very positive energy.

     At the beginning of 2011-2012 school year A. Kazickas Lithuanian School welcomed 8 new students and it was getting very clear that it would have hard time accomodating everyone. The search for a new bigger home began and soon Our Redeemer Lutheran Church and School kindly offered their facilities. So A. Kazickas Lithuanian School moved to its new home but we'll be forever greatful to Grace Episcopal Church for the love and support we've received during the last five years.

 *Lithuanian Saturday School is a nonprofit organization formed for educational pursuits, operating under the rules of Lithuanian Educational Council of the USA (IRS Tax exempt # 36-2985877)