The 15th year at the AKLS certainly
 is a little different. We started it
 utilizing beautiful Long Island outdoor
 spaces, and then continued the school
 year at the Estonian House. We never
 stop learning and moving forward!

 A. Kazickas Lithuanian School's
 students, teachers, administration and
 parents would like to thank
 the Kazickas Family Foundation,
 Lithuanian Foundation and
 Lithuanian Educational Council for
 the continuous care and support.
 It is a valuable and highly appreciated
 investment into Lithuanian education
 on Eastern Long Island. We are glad to
 have such an opportunity to teach
 and raise a new generation of strong
 and enthusiastic American Lithuanians.

   Upcoming events:

  - April 10
     - In-person school

  - April 17
     - In-person school

  - April 24
     - In-person school
     - April birthdays


Looking forward to seeing all!
         Everyone at Alexandra Kazickas Lithuanian school thanks the Kazickas Family Foundation,
         the Lithuanian Educational Council of USA and the Lithuanian Foundation for their support!